iMac Metaphors

Apple's new iMac, introduced on January 7, 2002, inspired a slew of metaphors from reporters attempting to describe its shape.

Its creators say it's supposed to look like a sunflower, most others compare it to a desk lamp. But as you can see, writers have come up with many other creative comparisons for the new iMac.

"It should look like a sunflower."
- Steve Jobs

"It resembles a desk lamp."
- Farhad Manjoo

"...emerges from the desk surface like a volleyball in a lake."
- David Pogue

" helmet of a PC."
- David Pogue

"It has a white dome about the size of a chopped melon for its base."
- Charles Arthur

"The odd-shaped computer has inspired several nicknames, including the 'iBlob' and 'iTit'."
- Leander Kahney and Farhad Manjoo

"...resembles a half-deflated volleyball"
- Jack Miller

"...looks slightly like a bong."
- Hiawatha Bray

"It looks like a big vanity mirror stuck atop a large scoop of white rice."
- Mark Morford

"...the base, which is about the size of half a very large cantaloupe..."
- David Coursey

"...a white base about the size of an inverted mixing bowl."
- Dave Wilson

"...a base about the size and shape of a honeydew melon half."
- David Futrelle

"The base is half of a soccer-ball-size white polycarbonate dome"
- Bob LeVitus

"...sort of like a snow-covered basketball that has been sliced in half."
- Walter S. Mossberg

"...a PC with a brilliant flat-panel screen that appeared to float above something that looked like one of Bullwinkle's hoofs."
- Charles Haddad

"Inside the half-bowling-ball base are the brains of the computer:"
- Edward C. Baig

"... the new iMac resembles a half-submerged Humpty Dumpty setting sail for Geekland."
- Peter Lewis

"...about the size of a big salad bowl turned upside down."
- David Coursey

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